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Got Shoulder Pain?

Raise your hand if you have shoulder pain and would like to try a new treatment. Ouch! For some people, simply trying to raise their hands above shoulder level is a painful experience. A common cause of this type of pain is from shoulder impingement syndrome.  If you are experiencing pain in one of your […]

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New Year, New Exercises?

I saw it today: the article in the local newspaper featuring the “squatting arm pull”. Almost as inevitable as the “this year I get back in shape” resolutions, are the pieces with new exercises that are supposed to help you fulfill that goal. The problem is that these articles are written by authors who seem […]

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Where to Find Good Medical Information on the Web

Ads? Free Consultations? Where do you get your medical information? Have you seen all the ads lately from healthcare providers? There are chiropractors advertising treatment for diabetes, autoimmune and thyroid disorders. There are ads for laser treatments for low back pain (FDA Cleared!). There are ads for osteoarthritis featuring “the latest non-surgical treatments”. Some come […]

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