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Office Policies

In our years of practice, we have established policies that make life easier for you, the patient, and for the office staff.  We respectfully ask that you follow these policy guidelines and thank you for your cooperation.


We are open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Thursday. We are closed on Fridays, during our lunch hour, weekends and major holidays.  Please note that if you call our office on Thursday, return calls may not be processed until Monday.

CANCELLATIONS AND RESCHEDULING: Please call 208-939-2100 to cancel or reschedule your appointments 24 hours in advance. We frequently have a waiting list of patients who would be happy to take your unused appointment. If at all possible, please do not leave a voice mail message to cancel or change an appointment.

NO SHOWS: “No shows” are patients that do not keep their appointments and do not call in advance to cancel or reschedule. As you can imagine, these are very disruptive to the office. If you are a “no show,” you may be charged a $25 “no show” fee and denied appointments in the future. If you do not keep a scheduled appointments, our staff will call you. If you were referred to us, we may notify the referrer as well.

FEES: Our fees are based on insurance company reimbursement rates and are comparable to fees charged by other area doctors. Most new patient appointments are $200. Most follow up office visits are $100 to $150 (depending on time and complexity). Any procedures you require, like injections, will have additional cost. Outstanding balances over 30 days are charged a 12% interest.

If you have any questions about fees or charges, please ask.

PRESCRIPTION REFILLS: Please allow at least 24-48 hours for refills. Refills for most medications should be called to your pharmacy’s special refill phone line FIRST before contacting our office. Most pharmacies actually prefer that patients use their automated systems as it is less paperwork for everyone. Please do not call us for a refill unless told to do so by the pharmacy or one of our staff.  We are closed on Fridays, weekends and major holidays.  Please note that if you call our office on Thursday, return calls may not be processed until Monday.

Schedule 2 or Category 2 (CII) controlled substances require a written prescription. Most of the time you should have an office visit to refill these medications. If you do not have an office visit scheduled, please call no less than 24 hours but no more than 48 hours before you need the refill. Please DO NOT come into the office without notifying us, or calling the same day and expect to get your prescription immediately.

PRIOR AUTHORIZATION: Many insurance companies are now asking that certain procedures and medications get prior authorization (the insurance company must approve of a treatment before you can start). This is a process that is designed to discourage utilization and, as such, can be both frustrating and time consuming. If our treatment plan requires prior authorization, we will do our best to get it quickly completed. But this is not always possible, and we may need your assistance to call your insurance company personally.

FORMS: We are happy to help you complete forms for insurance companies, work or government agencies. The best way to get your insurance forms completed is to tell the nurse and the doctor AT THE START OF THE VISIT that you have forms to be completed. If you do not have the forms with you at an office visit, it may take several weeks to complete.

Please DO NOT come into the office to drop off forms and expect to get them immediately completed. We have many patients that have similar needs and at times we are overwhelmed with forms, so please be patient. It is very helpful if you can complete as much of the form as possible (name, birth date, date of injury, etc).