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Got Shoulder Pain?

Raise your hand if you have shoulder pain and would like to try a new treatment. Ouch! For some people, simply trying to raise their hands above shoulder level is a painful experience. A common cause of this type of pain is from shoulder impingement syndrome. 

If you are experiencing pain in one of your shoulders, you may qualify for our research study involving the investigational use of an approved pain patch for shoulder impingement syndrome. Once enrolled, you will receive all study related care and medical supervision associated with the treatment at no cost.

Impingement syndrome can occur when structures in the shoulder get pinched between the shoulder blade and the end of the collar bone. Parts of the shoulder that can be involved include the tendons of the rotator cuff muscles.  You may have heard of people complaining of having problems with their rotator cuff. That is what this is. Other involved tissues include biceps tendons or bursa sacks.

Once these structures start to get irritated and swollen, symptoms can get worse.   Patients will get a deep achy pain in the shoulder that is worse with reaching back, reaching out or up (like answering a question!). Even rolling over in bed and laying on it can cause more pain.

Current research does not clearly show that any one treatment is better than another. Because of this, there are no specific rules for treating impingement syndrome. Treatment can include medications, physical therapy, and injections. In some cases surgery has to be performed to create more space for the tendons, or if the tendons get damaged. Impingement syndrome can be very stubborn and can take months to get better.

If you are above the age of 18 and have are experiencing shoulder pain (and think you may have impingement syndrome) please call 208-939-2100 ext.# 4 to get more information, and to see if you qualify.

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