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FDA Stops Supplement Maker

FDA Injuction Halts Production of Dietary Supplements

The FDA slapped a manufacturer of more than 400 dietary supplements with in injunction permanently halting production of its entire product line.  This severe penalty was levied for having ingredients in its products that were not on the label, and for failure to report serious adverse events associated with certain products.

These products were manufactured by ATF Fitness Products Inc. (ATF), Manufacturing ATF Dedicated Excellence, Inc. (MADE) and sold under the brand names “Sci-Fit,” “Nature’s Science” and “For Store Only ” or “FSO”.

The web sites for these products state that every ingredient is “meticulously thought out” and that their products are “guaranteed for quality”.

My patients have heard me say this many times: supplement manufacturers are not held to the same standard of manufacturing as pharmaceuticals. Just because a label says a product is “pure” or “natural” or “highest quality”, does not make it safe.  When buying dietary supplements, as this case demonstrates, you cannot believe what is on the label.

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