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Patient Information

Thank you for your interest in the Injury Care Medical Center. We strive to provide the best possible medical care and we are looking forward to seeing you as a patient. We have helped restore normal function for hundreds of patients; chances are that we can help you as well.

In order to provide you with the best medical care, we need to know some things about you and your health history. We recognize that for many patients, the forms we use to gather this information may seem tedious and unnecessary. However, we try to look at the “big picture” as we learn about you and your problems, and develop a treatment plan specifically for you. The information you provide is essential. Please complete the forms BEFORE you arrive for your first appointment. If the forms are not complete, we will have you complete them before you can be seen by the doctor. This could effect time that we have devoted to understanding your medical problems.

Below is a list of information and forms we use for our new patients. Please read the “welcome letter” first.

You can print out and complete the forms and bring them with you to your first appointment, or you can complete them on your computer and fax them to 208-939-4411.

Download New Patient Forms Here

NOTICE TO PATIENTS SEEKING OPIATES: We are an office that specializes in the use of pain medications. Here is what we do to prevent misuse and diversion of medications: video surveillance and video record of you checking in, copy photo ID (in some cases we may take an additional photograph), urine drug screens, blood tests for drug levels, review of Board of Pharmacy records, review of Idaho State Supreme Court Repository (criminal records), Sheriff Records (for recent arrests), thorough review of medical records and history, physical examination and diagnostic testing to confirm diagnosis. You will not get opiates on the first office visit. We maintain open communication with law enforcement at all levels. If you are seeking medications for anything other than a legitimate medical purpose, do not come here.

If you already are a patient at Injury Care Medical, please call us for medication refills, to make an appointment, or to pay a bill at 208-939-2100.